How to Pack Products for Amazon FBA?

Certain rules must be followed for product shipments in Amazon. These packing requirements are in place to ensure that the products are carefully stored.

  • Use an appropriate box.
    A six-sided box with intact flaps is a must. It is possible to reuse old boxes but ensure that there are no confusing markings or previous shipping labels remain. To reduce delays in receiving or delivery, boxes with at least 6″ x 4″ x 1″ dimensions are recommended.
  • Put proper labels.
    The address label should be complete with its delivery and return information. There should be a label on the top center of each side of the box, and each box needs a label. Aside from packing requirements, Amazon also has its FBA label requirements that must be met.
  • Pack the items carefully.
    The items must be wrapped separately and they shouldn’t move when the box is shaken. To ensure this, there must be at least two inches of cushioning between the items and the inside of the box. Use a strong shipping tape to secure the package.
  • Protect the items.
    Don’t use packing peanuts like foam strips, Styrofoam, shredded paper, or crinkle wrap. The recommended protective packing materials are bubble wrap, inflatable air pillows, or polyethylene foam sheeting.
  • Secure the boxes
    All boxed shipments must be sealed securely, otherwise, there will be a reason for doubt that the product has been tampered with. The sides of the boxes must be able to withstand pressure to some extent.

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