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Air freight from China

Linkway Freight offers air freight services from China to USA and CA , or vice versa. For Air freight to LAX for example, the air cargo transmission delay is up to 3 days, which is faster than the usual 15 days by sea freight.

Linkway Freight network of well-tested professional partners allows us to manage your shipment minutely and in the best delays.

The Air freight is feasible for all kind of products, from the most fragile to the heaviest.

The Air regulations are very strict, that’s why we put all our attention to examine perfectly your requests. After this precise analyse of your demand, our teams will insure you a freight service matching absolutely with your expectation, your needs and the nature of your goods.

How to understand a quotation and calculate the price?

We know that choosing the best shipping and freight options for you will vary on your unique business and shipping needs.
The air freight price can be calculated by using two different methods. The first is the following: the cost per kilograms multiplied with the weight of the shipment.
Nonetheless, because an Airbus or a Boeing owns a limited loading space, weight isn’t the only parameter to consider. For a low-density cargo (meaning a small weight, with a big volume), you will be invoiced according to the volume rather than the weight.
This is called the “volumetric weight”. It’s very simple to calculate it:

Linkway Remark : Volumetric weight (average freight) = Volume (CBM) x 167
From the dimensions of your shipment, you can also compute your volumetric weight by yourself.

How to Calculate Chargeable Weight for Air Freight Shipments ?

For Air Freight cargo weight, we use the higher of actual weight (measured using a normal weighing scale) or volumetric weight calculated as illustrated below

How to calculate chargeable weight 600x543 1

Nevertheless, it’s important to remind the complexity of international transportation, whose freight is only a part of. In fact, there is many other steps that are taking more time than the freight itself, and that you cannot avoid. The paperwork, which includes the custom clearance and the export/import charges, the pickup, the handling and the delivery at the final address are obligatory elements affecting considerably the total delay.

The express solution

Air freight is the fastest method of transport. On a long distance, it is undisputedly the first way, compared to the others in term of time. For an Air freight between China and US for example, it only need a few hours to travel between the two territories.

Nevertheless, it’s important to remind the complexity of international transportation, whose freight is only a part of. In fact, there is many other steps that are taking more time than the freight itself, and that you cannot avoid. The paperwork, which includes the custom clearance and the export/import charges, the pickup, the handling and the delivery at the final address are obligatory elements affecting considerably the total delay.

Linkway Remark : Volumetric weight (Express freight) = Volume (CBM) x 200
Linkway Tips : With Linkway Freight, our services will provide you a final delivery of your goods between 3 and 6 days, for all your door-to-door requests between China and your country.
For further details on this topic or for an Air freight quote between China and the country of your choice, please contact our Linkway Freight specialists. They will provide you an answer within the best delays.

An important cost

In general, Air freight is more expensive than Sea freight for all goods with a higher volume than 1,5 CBM and a higher weight than 167 kg (200 kg for express).
Despite its higher cost, air freight is far more advantageous in terms of delay.
By choosing quicker transport methods, you will rationalise your costs effectively.
Also, Air freight is the safest transport method.
By opting for this service, you will understate the risk probability (breakage, theft…) during the transport of your products.
It will make you feel more serene to know that your goods are undergoing a safe, fast and fluid transport.
Reminder, for example a China- US transit or vice versa in door-to-door lasts:
2 to 5 days via Air freight VS 15 to 40 days via Sea freight
The declared value of the goods will determine the customs duties and taxes payable by the customer.

Should I use Air freight ?

As mentioned previously, Air freight can be a valuable option for goods with high added value, high density or small volume.

This method is also adapted for all your precious or fragile goods. Strict security conditions limit the risks of theft…
You can also use it when you have time constraints and that your goods should be delivered ASAP.


Shipment procedures for this transport method are quite simple:

  1. Goods pick up at your supplier’s address, then trucking
  2. Packing, if needed, and delivery at the nearest international airport
  3. Custom declaration phase
  4. Air freight
  5. Custom clearance (VAT and other taxes)
  6. Delivery to your address

Are there particular restrictions that I should know?

Yes. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) imposed restrictions on shipments containing lithium batteries, like most of the electronic devices.

To comply, the consignor must condition its goods in agreement with IATA rules, ensure that the goods are correctly marked and labelled, and bring the required documentation.

Why is the lack of space still persisting?

“The lack of capacity is caused by the booming of the freight demand, and the disinvestment of companies in cargo capacities. Thereby, for instance, China Airlines modified its combined flights (passengers + cargo) into passengers only flights (PAX), which amended clearly their cargo capacity in departure of Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing. Airlines specialised in cargo transports, formerly in economic difficulties, are highly demanded nowadays. All their spaces had been booked on the American market, that overtook 5-6 $/kg.

To face this rocketing demand, they implemented charter flights to offset the lack of space. Another phenomenon strengthened the peak season: The Winter season. Because less people are traveling, there is less flights or smaller flights planned, which reduces the cargo capacity on passenger’s flights.

Afterwards, the second parameters to consider is the evolution of the demand. The air freight demand is very high in Europe and in the USA, to face the market needs. Previously, the demand was focused on reducing costs. Nowadays, it is more concentrated on delays, that are shorter and shorter. Some activity sectors like High-Tech technologies are seeking rapid marketing in high quantities of their products.

Samsung, Apple, Huawei… requires charter flights and monopolize most of the capacity during peak season. At the same time, in addition to the traditional goods streams, there are products released punctually on the market, that requires expensive freight to ensure short delays. Let’s take the example of the iPhone. It costs more than a thousand dollar and weights 400g per box on average. With a freight cost of 6 $/kg, the impact on the price of the product remains very low.

These products must be in store before Christmas time. Finally, the last parameter that we can analyse is the development of the cross-border e-commerce. Products are directly prepared and packed in China, and then delivered directly to the customer or on Amazon-like platforms.”

How amazon influenced the market?

“Amazon literally transformed the market. Usually, stocks were sent by containers in Europe, in the USA, and then dispatched on e-commerce platforms or directly to the customer. Nowadays the model changed, the preparation of the order is directly made in China, then small parcels are right after sent to Europe and USA. The custom taxes and barriers have been simplified in that aim. There is no need to have a company in Europe or in the USA to import and deliver to customers!

This created a brand-new market segment, the small parcel market. These parcels are directly sent to Amazon or to other European and American e-commerce platforms. Chinese suppliers are now selling their products with the freight costs directly included. This reveals a new market, the market of the Asian producers that are directly selling to the final customer via e-commerce platforms.

The rise of the air freight prices doesn’t cause that much trouble to the e-entrepreneurs that are aiming to deliver their products asap. On the different e-commerce websites, suppliers are rated in terms of reliability but also on delivery capacities. These platforms are hard to please and push the e-entrepreneurs to be the best because the rates are determining their ranking. They are ready to invest in order to be more competitive on delays.

In 2017 during peak season, approximately 20% to 25% of the Aircraft holds where fulfilled with e-commerce products. In 2018, it will probably overcome the 30%. This trend is particularly stressed from Asia to Europe or to the USA. It should be marked that the USA have an optimized custom system which allows each household to have a daily importation quota, without taxes and custom clearance. It really eases the import of small parcels from China and encourage the globalization. A Chinese supplier or producer can directly sell to a European or American customer. It also eases the access to further similar products, that will be sent by planes.

Uplifting Agility: Airfreight Strategies for the Holiday Season and Beyond

Holiday season may be the “most wonderful time of the year” for consumers. But for importers, the stretch from October through December can be anything but.

Shrinking capacity, tight delivery windows, and increased consumer demand can stretch the strongest supply chain to its breaking point. For many companies there is so much riding on a successful holiday season — to the tune of 20% of total yearly retail sales, according to the National Retail Federation.1 It all comes down to two things: planning and execution.

But, as with many things in the world of freight, navigating through a successful holiday season and planning for the next year is often easier said than done. Let’s take a look at market factors and proven strategies that may help your business win big in Q4 and beyond.


How is charged the Air Freight from China?
It depends on net weight, gross weight and volume. By air freight 1 cbm = 167 kilos. By express 1 cbm = 200 kg. All air freight quotes are charged per/kg.

Do I have to book the shipment myself or can my supplier take care of it?
The supplier can normally book the shipment through their local freight forwarder. However, we advise you to book the air freight yourself, with a freight forwarder based in your country or market. This gives you much more transparency about the process and cost. In addition, you can ensure that the cargo is properly insured.

Can I get air cargo insurance?
Yes, air freight insurance is highly recommended. Linkway offers you an insurance service where the cost of our insurance service represents 1% of the total value of the goods declared.

Are there any restrictions I should know about?
Yes, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) has placed restrictions on cargo containing lithium batteries, such as power banks or other electronic devices. To comply, the shipper must package the goods in accordance with IATA regulations, ensure that the goods are properly labeled and provide the required documentation.

What is the role of a Chinese air freight forwarder?
Normally, you don’t book freight directly with DHL, FedEx or UPS (technically you can, but that’s another story). Instead, you buy freight from a freight forwarder who handles logistics for a large number of customers. Often in the same region or industry. In addition to their expertise, you’ll also have access to discounts that they pass on to their large volume business with major carriers. Of course, they keep some for themselves.

What are the advantages of air freight?
Top 8 benefits of air freight: 1/ The fastest shipping method. 2/Very reliable arrival and departure times 3/ Ship your cargo almost anywhere. 4/Low insurance premium saves you a lot of money. 5/High level of security and reduced risk of theft and damage. 6/ Less warehousing required and fewer items in stock. 7/Less packaging required. 8/Track the condition of your cargo.

What Chinese’s products are shipped by air?
Air cargo aircraft carry anything that can be bought or sold. See how goods are shipped around the world. You can ship just about anything by air. Letters, parcels, cars, horses, construction equipment and even other aircraft can be shipped by air freight.



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