Middleman Occupy An Important Position

Linkway focus on FOB designated shipments by foreign importers and fully understand the most important thing is to keep the supplier out of client for a middleman.  Nobody want supplier reach out to client directly while keep us out. We have rich experience in protect middleman’s business secret.

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What is blind shipping ?

Blind shipping , is when importers ship directly from the supplier to customer, while hiding any identity ( company name, logo, contact information, etc ) of the supplier from the customer, so to protect the business secret.

That is to say, the real consignee involved in a shipment is unaware of who the real shipper is.

Who need blind shipping ?

The blind shipments are requested by distributors or those who are doing middleman business.

Anyway, if you are the one who want to send goods to customers directly from your suppliers, blind shipping is necessary to consider.

Why need blind shipping ?

Simple to understand.

If your cargo especially the outside package contains any information of your  supplier, your customer may reach out to your supplier and kick you off.

Blind shipping means you can protect your business secret.

Order Management

For those middleman as you are, order management is very important in the whole supply chain, especially when you purchase various products from different suppliers in different locations, and to different countries and destinations. Through Linkway Freight order system, you can immediately receive an instant quote, book directly online and track your shipment in real time.

How does blind shipping work ?

To keep the shipment blind is to hide any identity of the supplier or manfacture.
We freight forwarder plays a vital role in this coordination work.

1.Amend shipper & consignee

Change the shipper and consignee is the first job for us.

Question is how ?

We will offer M/BL and H/BL. Period.

2.Change Docs and Remove Marks

Is blind shipping safe ?

Yes, blind shipping is to protect your business secret.

Just a blind shipment requires careful mind.

Every details must be considered, otherwise, all the previous efforts could be wasted.

Remember the identity : company name, logo, contact information, etc ?

Don’t use your China supplier’s docs, and never send them to your client by mistake.

We will need to change to use your own Packing List and Invoice and other documentations.

One more thing,  remove any other shipping marks or labels which show the supplier’s information.

Just make sure your client won’t ever find any information related to your suppliers.


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