What is the weight limit for shipment to USA

Size and weight limits when shipping to the U.S.

Choosing the right size option for your parcel will ensure there are no hiccups along the way. 

This article has our current size and weight limits for parcels shipped from Canada to the U.S.

Size calculation

When booking a shipment with Sendle, we recommend you measure and weigh your parcels to create a ‘custom size’, then save them to our ‘saved sizes’ – this will give you the best price.

Another convenient way to book a delivery is to use Sendle’s common sizes to slot your shipment into. Think of each as a size ceiling that your parcel must fit under to qualify.

Here are the current common Sendle size options:

  • Satchel – up to 500g and 10L
  • Handbag – up to 1kg and 15L
  • Lunchbox – up to 2kg and 17.5L
  • Shoebox – up to 3kg and 20L
  • Briefcase – up to 5kg and 25L
  • Carry-on – up to 10kg and 50L
  • Check-in – up to 20kg and 100L

Measuring in imperial?

Here are the current common Sendle size options in imperial measurements (we’ve rounded the conversion from metric to the nearest decimal for this explanation):

  • Satchel – up to 1.1 lb and 610 cubic inches
  • Handbag – up to 2.2 lbs and 915 cubic inches
  • Lunchbox – up to 4.4. lbs and 1068 cubic inches
  • Shoebox – up to 6.6 lbs and 1220 cubic inches
  • Briefcase – up to 11 lbs and 1,525 cubic inches
  • Carry-on – up to 22 lbs and 3,051 cubic inches
  • Check-in – up to 44 lbs and 6,102 cubic inches

Dimension limits for parcels travelling to the U.S.

If your parcel is weighed and measured at the depot and found to be larger than the size it was booked (including the outer packaging), you may receive adjustment charges to your order. 

Here are our current size and weight limits for parcels going from Canada to the U.S.:

  • Longest side for parcels up to 8lbs: maximum 22 inches
  • Longest side for parcels over 8lbs: maximum 18 inches
  • Maximum volume: maximum 1728in³
  • Maximum weight: maximum is 20 lb

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