How to Print Labels When Shipping Amazon FBA

Labeling packages and products correctly is essential, not to mention it also saves time and money. Incorrect labels might cause delays and even additional fees in the Amazon warehouse.

The Amazon FBA system on your seller account will create labels for the shipment.Individual products must be labelled with their own barcodes. The same goes for boxes, and there should be no other barcodes aside from that one.

People often wonder how to print Amazon FBA shipping labels, and what they need to remember is that these labels shouldn’t fade, otherwise it may cause problems. To make sure that doesn’t happen, simply print the barcode labels with laserjet printers.

Note that 15-30 kg boxes should also be labeled as “heavy-weight” and this should be seen from any angle of the box.Polybags can also be used to protect products, but they have specific label requirements as well. Those with at least a 5-inch opening should warn for possible suffocation.

It is a strict regulation that might risk the need for product repackaging if not done correctly. Babies and children might mistake the plastic bag as a toy, which can be dangerous.Labels also have a corresponding requirement for the point size:

  • For a bag less than 29 inches, the print size should be at least 10 point.
  • For 30-39 inches, the print size must be at least 14 point.
  • For 40-59-inch bags, at least 18 point is required.
  • For bags sized 60 inches or more, the print size should be at least 24 point.

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