How to choose the FBA head journey

Buyers will be more inclined to products shipped by Amazon FBA, and sellers who choose FBA will increase the cost, and the cost will naturally be included in the product price. Whether logistics channels can be reasonably optimized has also become a key link in the product pricing market, affecting sales. Many sellers may have encountered a similar situation. Other sellers of the same product suddenly dropped their price, and the price was still greatly reduced. It’s not the kind of activity that can go on for a long time. In this case, that’s not the case. Loss in exchange for orders is likely to optimize logistics channels. Regarding FBA logistics channels, there are still many choices. You can choose according to your situation, so as to reduce the price of the product and win the price war.

1. Establish a FBA warehousing plan

If your product is already an FBA listing, all you have to do now is click Send Inventory; but if your product is still Merchant-Fulfilled (self-delivery), you need to change the product to FBA listing first; if you don’t If you know if you need to change it, after selecting Send Inventory, Amazon will also prompt you to change it or not.

2. Prepare the products that will pass the FBA first journey (Prepare Products)

Every product that passes through the FBA first journey must be packaged as required, most of which can be packed in cartons, but some categories of products need to be packed in sealed plastic bags to avoid damage during transportation, or allow Dust runs in. At the same time, each product must be affixed with a UPC barcode (if it has joined the Amazon Brand Registry).

3.Review Shipment

Before this step, Amazon will provide the FBA warehouse address you should enter the warehouse, usually three, but sending to three warehouses will increase our logistics cost. If you do not want to enter so many warehouses, you can set the target warehouse.

4. Ready to send

If you choose a truck company for logistics, if you use express delivery, it is recommended to use UPS or FedEx, which is cooperated by Amazon. Amazon will provide a great logistics discount. Here you need to provide information on the contents, or you Does not provide direct sorting by Amazon (processing fee applies)

For example, if you have 10 boxes to be put into the warehouse, then you need to fill in one by one, which products are in each box, as well as the size and weight of each box, then you can calculate the payment to Amazon for this FBA head trip. cost of;

Next, you have 24 hours to cancel the first FBA trip. Amazon will automatically refund to your account. After the Amazon FBA warehouse receives the goods, you can check the relevant information on the inventory page in the background.

How to choose a reliable FBA first-way logistics?

FBA can provide express, air, sea, customs clearance, labeling, warehousing and other logistics services. At the same time, FBA can also provide different channel transportation methods such as double-clearance tax declaration by sea and double-clearance tax declaration by air. Sellers need to choose according to their own products, services and storage time.

When we choose the FBA Toucheng logistics company, we must first consider the dedicated line channel. From domestic delivery to the United States, it only takes about 13 days to arrive at the western port of the United States, which greatly shortens the sea transportation time. Generally, it can be signed and put on sale in about 18 days.

Logistics is very important for cross-border sellers. If you choose a bad FBA head-way logistics company, you may encounter the situation that the products cannot be put into the warehouse on time, the store is out of stock, or even the goods are lost. Therefore, we need a professional FBA head-way logistics company to ensure the timeliness and safety of our goods.

The above is about what Amazon’s FBA first journey service is and how to choose a reliable FBA first journey logistics.

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