Severe Congestion! Containers Await Berthing! Vessel Queues Delayed Up to 7 Days

According to the latest report from Linerlytica, container congestion at the Port of Singapore has reached an unprecedented critical level. Currently, a large number of vessels are queued outside the port, awaiting berthing, with the number of backlogged containers exceeding a staggering 450,000 TEUs (20FT equivalent units). The analysis company estimates that the wait time for these vessels can be up to 7 days.

This severe congestion has already forced some shipping companies to cancel their scheduled stops at the Port of Singapore, further exacerbating the pressure on direct calls to ports. These vessels will have to manage additional container volumes, intensifying the strain on the supply chain.

Since November last year, conflicts in the Red Sea region have profoundly impacted the global shipping industry. Vessel itineraries have been significantly altered, affecting major ports in Asia and Europe, and placing unprecedented pressure on the global supply chain. As the conflict continues, the shipping industry is expected to face more challenges and uncertainties in the future.

Subsequent shipping forecasts

Affected by the Red Sea crisis, the peak season in the third quarter has arrived earlier than expected, and the peak season effect is anticipated to persist. Currently, the market is experiencing not only a shortage of vessels but also a shortage of containers. Additionally, due to vessels rerouting, the demand for ports in regions such as the Western Mediterranean has surged, leading to increased port congestion. This includes major Asian ports, which are also facing congestion, impacting vessel utilization efficiency. As the peak season progresses, the congestion at these terminals is likely to worsen, further intensifying the imbalance between the supply and demand for vessels and containers.

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